Trent Severn Waterway, day 6

June 6

A short day on the Trent, just one lock and about 8 Miles. I had planned to stay at Port Severn part of the day for fuel, showers, shopping, but the lockmaster told me there really nothing there except two marinas. So I crossed over to Midland Ontario, just about 8 miles.

Not very exciting, but is the last lock on the Trent-Severn Waterway so I had to include it. 240 miles, 45 locks, 3 of them very unusual makes this an interesting trip. I managed to make all the locks without any bad bumps or lousy landings, even got a few compliments for handling the boat alone. I've got just a bit of blue paint on my topsides (the Blue Line is where you tie up before entering a lock).
First look out to Georgian Bay. This end of the bay is very shallow and rocky with lots of rocks sticking up, some big enough to give names to as islands. I did manage to bump one just barely into the channel, a good warning to be more watchfull of the charts and bouys than the electronics.
Some of the low islands/big rocks along the channel. It is a very narrow channel with a couple sharp turns, but it is well marked.
Visible from well across the bay are these gain elevators. I believe Midland was once a big grain shipping town. Lots of murals around town showing the big lakes freighters.
Solitude II at the town dock in Midland. I showered, mailed the Trent Severn charts back to John, went to the library to update this web log. Then back to the boat to do laundry, and Im going to just hang out here the rest of the day. Its quite windy, high probablility of thunderstorms later today, and I could use a rest day.

Ill pay for it tomorrow when I have 105 miles to go, with no where to stop. Plan is to be underway as soon as there is enough light to find my way out of the harbor. Probably wont find net access for a while,as Ill be in just a couple very small harbors.

I am very happy to have made this trip through the Trent, not sure I'd do it again, but it was very interesting, and someting I'm happy to have in my memories. If you can only do one canal make it the Rideau, but if you have the time the Trent Severn is well worth it.

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