Citicar, page 3

I have spent several hours reading about batteries and controllers and trying to decide what to buy. Its clear I would not want to use the old relay controls, so some electronice control is needed.

The major delima is over the voltage- to stay with the original 48 volts, or upgrade to 72 volts. From reading the Yahoo group its sounds like Citicars don't like hills, and where I live there are many hills- my own driveway is steep enough that its difficult to even ride a bicycle up. 72 volts will give a faster speed, but requires adding 4 batteries.

As I was working through all the choices, and doing the brake work, it became clear to me that I was not really enjoying the project. Im not much of a car guy, I just like to hop in and drive. It was also clear this would never pay for itself, and its going to cost from $1500 to $2000 before it runs. I have decided there are to many other things Id like to spend my time and money on, so the Citicar project is going to be sold!

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