Trent Severn Waterway, day 3

June 3

A decent night, altough it is surely the least pleasant place I've been so far. I went out for a walk about 7:00AM, then did some chart planing on the Lake Huron legs. That still has me a bit spooked, but I'll get there.

I had a visit this moring from a 'net-pal', Arno Mertens. I know him form the model eningeer mailing list, and he suggested he could come to Peterborough to meet me. He arrived just as they were about to let me through lock 19. He took a quick look at the boat, and I asked him to find me some block ice. He was waiting at lock 20 with 2 blocks of ice- wonderful delivery service.

In lock 20 I met up with this rental house boat. Its a simple pontoon boat with a big box on top, probably just like a camper. In fact I was told the early rental companies just took pontoon boats and mounted pick-up truck campers on them. Probably not the most sea-worty craft on the canal, but workable. The people aboard seemed to be having a good time
Just above lock 20 is the Tug TRENT. I'm a sucker for tugs, so I take a photo of everyone I see.
So, here it is. The thing I really came to see, the Peterborough lift lock. Arno joined me here and rode up the lock. We tied up at the dock above, and the lock keeper, Ed Donald, commented as I went by that he liked the boat. That was just the opening I needed, and I jumped on the chance. Before it was done Ed had taken me to the depths of the lock,through tunnels, into pump rooms, and even down under the lift where I could touch the cylinder.

See Lift lock for many photos and details.

Thank you Ed for a wonderfull tour! (I hope this doesn't get him in trouble with his boss for taking a visitor into the lock)

I eventually got out of the visitor center and headed up the river, passing Trent University just before lock 22.

Bad news at lock 22- a cable failure on the upper gate opening mechanism, and the repair truck was on the way. So I sat in the shade and read the books I bought about the locks, while hearing the band and a bagpipe playing for the graduation ceremony at Trent. Not an unpleasant couple hours.

Eventually the repair truck arrived and closed the gate with its boom so a big boat could get down. Then they let me up, while the repair guy was downunder the walkway of the gate attaching the new cable. I have often used only one gate, so it was easy for me.

Once past lock 22 I rather quickly scurried up through the locks to #27, Youngs Point. This is a quiet spot, Im on the up side of it so I can head out tomorrow with almost 10 miles of lakes to the next lock. Today only made about 16 miles, and 8 locks, but I'm now into the start of the lakes district so more lakes and fewer locks.

I sat in the cockpit for an hour and just listened to the water faling over the damn, while I enjoyed a cold drink and relaxed. I called home to find Bonnie had just arrived back in Maine after a horrible Friday run up I95 with all the tourists. I almost felt guilty telling her what a wonderfull day this was.

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