Boiler, second attempt

As I considered a new boiler I also thought about firing. I thought an alchol burner was simpler than a gas burner, but the gas boiler was simpler, so I decided to build a gas fired, single flue boiler.
The boiler shell is apiece of 2" copper pipe. I soldered on a pair of 'legs' to simulate the firebox sides and provide the mounting for the boiler between the frames. Here the legs are holding the boiler in a vertical position so I can drill the holes in the top.
Here are the boiler parts, the main shell, two end flanges, and the bushes. The flanges were hammer formed over an aluminum form. I really like hammer forming copper, it works so well, IF the copper is anealed often enough. It took 3 cycles of hammer and anneal for these flanges.
Here the finished boiler is being hydo tested with a hand pump. I made plugs for all the openings, and had more trouble getting all the plugs to seal, and my hand pump to stop leaking. The boiler had no leaks.


The central burner is a piece of brass tube with a series of .020" slots cut across it. To hold the tube I took two pieces of plywood, clamped them together, and drilled a hole to fit the tube. I then sanded off one ply to make the hole a tight fit, and sawed off the edge to expose just barely 1/3 of the tube. The ply with the tube inserted was clamped in the mill vise and a slitting saw used to cut the slots. This worked very well.
A solid brass end was turned to fit the flue and drilled for the burner tube. Note this is turned eccentric so there will be more space over the slot for the flame, and to allow room for a superheater tube, while the bottom of the burner tube is close to the bottom of the flue. I intend to wrap this tube in stainless mesh to make it into a radiant burner.

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