South Dakota, Badlands

Its a long ride across Minnesota, but we finally got to

South Dakota. Again we stopped at the Tourist Info center and picked up a ton of maps and brochures. One of the 'highly recommended' places was the Corn Palace in Mitchell, so we stopped to see it.

The entire outside is decorated with corn, and it changes every year in August.

Here is a closeup to show the corn.

South Dakota seems to go on forever. We eventually crossed the Missouri River where there was a nice visitor center with an exhibit on the Lewis and Clark expedition, and the Akta Lakota Museum. Bonnie went to the Museum, but they didn't allow photos. The museum depicted through dioramas,artifacts and quotes from famous leaders such as Black Elk, the history and native life of the Sioux.

Ron got gas for the car, found a shady spot and finished the Mackinac Bridge book, and got a nap.

We drove on, and called ahead to Kodota to reserve a room. Not much to see in Kodota, and not much of a motel, but it was clean, and all we needed was a place to sleep.

By now we were getting to understand what 'flat land' means. Miles of flat, to the horizon all around. We were right on the edge of the Badlands, but there was no clue of anything but flat.

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