Trip Log

Trip Log

After weeks of waiting I am finaly underway. We left Boothbay Maine about 7:30AM on Monday, May 23 in a moderate nor-easter rainstorm. Grey skies, steady rain and cold.

A mostly uneventful drive, except for a HUGE moose that ran in front of us on I93 in Vermont. I had to brake hard to miss it, and got a much closer look than I needed.

We arrived in Ottawa about 4:30, with the same grey skies and rain we had all day.

We went aboard Solitude II and started our final check out. The seller, John Murray arrved a few minutes later and we did the 'sea trial'. As expected the engine ran fine and all the systems seemed to work fine. We did a short circle out into the Ottawa River in a hard wind and driving rain.

All was well, so we handed John his final payment and accepted the keys. We own an Albin 27!

Since it was raining and cold we opted to find a warm hotel and a nice restaurant and return to the boat on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning was clear and very breezy. We loaded the boat and started out just after noon.

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Date Link
Tuesday, May 24 Rideau Canal, Leg 1
Wednesday, May 25 Rideau Leg 2
Thursday, May 26 Rideau Leg 3
Friday, May 27 Rideau Leg 4
Saturday, May 28 Rideau Leg 5
Sunday, May 29 Rideau Leg 6
Monday, May 30 Kingston
Tuesday, May 31 Bay of Quinte
Wednesday, June 1 Trent Severn, Day 1
Thursday, June 2 Trent Severn, Day 2
Friday, June 3 Trent Severn, Day 3
Friday, June 3 Peterborough Lift Lock
Saturday, June 4 Trent Severn, Day 4
Sunday, June 5 Trent Severn, Day 5
Monday, June 6 Trent Severn, Day 6
Thursday, June 9 Lake Huron to Detroit
Tuesday, June 14 Detroit River
Tuesday, June 14 Lake Erie to Buffalo NY
Sunday, June 19 Erie Canal- 3 pages
Tuesday, June 21 Erie Canal- last 2 pages
Tuesday, June 21 Hudson River, 3 pages
Saturday, June 25 The last leg
Saturday, 2:30PM, I arrived at my dock in Pleasant Cove, Boothbay Maine, to find a group of friends waiting, with fireworks and cold beer. Bonnie had called everyone she could get to when I called off Seguin Island and arranged the welcome party. It was great to be home, and great to see a bunch of friends.

I will be writing more, editing these pages, and generally finishing the web log later.