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The strange URL name 'plsntcov' is a short form of Pleasant Cove, a place in Boothbay Maine where I live. I used the name Pleasant Cove Models for a line of model boat kits that I produced.

After 3 years at Burroughs, then 33 years at Digital Equipment Corp, aka DEC, acquired by Compaq, and then by Hewlet Packard, I retired In June, 2002 with an early retirement package.

June, 2007. We made a drive across the US for about 6 weeks, see a log here

I can usually be found doing one or more of the following things:


May, 2005 I bought a boat, planned a long cruise to bring it home, then kept a Trip Log as I traveled. After I got home I wrote an Epilogue.

Building full size boats. I have slowed a bit on this, as it was getting out of hand around here when I got to about 12 boats. Current boats include 4 sea kayaks, A Rob Roy canoe, a sailing Peapod, a motor dory (1908 1 cylinder engine), an Alton Wallace 19 motor boat, and a 17' fantail Steam boat.

In May 2009 I decided to build a Whitehall

Not quite a boat, but it does go in the water and will require a lot of shop and programming work I have started building an underwater ROV

Model Boats

Building model boats. Note that is boats, not ships. I like models of small working watercraft, yachts, etc.

Model Engines

I built a Titan 60 Glow ignition model airplane engine

a 4 cylinder water cooled overhead valve gas engine. I did it all on this one- from wood patterns for the castings to cutting the timing gears, grinding the cam and making the spark plugs. It was almost 5 years from first work until it ran.

I am interested in Stirling Engines, so I built a Hot Air engine which runs on very low heat- a cup of hot coffee!

I built Paul Jacobs very nice Lake Breeze Model A fan.

CNC machines

I converted a Sherline milling machine to Computer controll.

Wrote some softwareto run it.

I also converted a Grizzley mini mill to CNC

I converted a Prazi mill to CNC control

I completed a CNC wood router

January 07 I finished a Jet knee mill conversion

July 2010 I have now finished a CNC lathe conversion

Other Models and Tools

I started working on an electric car but decided I didn tlike car work so I sold it.

Ive also 'been working on the railroad '

My shop Was originally a small building, but when I retired to Maine part of the construction was to build a fine new shop.

I built MINNIE, an English steam traction engine.

I made a Sensitive Drilling Attachemnt for a Sherline milling machine and a Duplicator for a lathe.

I started a locomotive model of the 1846 LION

December 2005 I started another locomotive model Mona February 14, 2006, It is FINISHED!

A few years ago I started the New England Model Engineering Society I ended my term as president in June 2002

Thanks for visiting my web pages.


Ron Ginger 
Last updated, February 15, 2015.